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Corporate Governance

Aware of the significance of efficient and responsible corporate governance, StateOil is committed to applying the highest standards in this field, based on the internationally accepted principles and best global practice along with a continued development and improvement of the corporate governance system.
StateOil has a two-way communication with all stakeholders. StateOil has adopted and applies the Code of Corporate Governance, which aims to introduce good business practices that should balance the leverage of its stakeholders, bring consistency into the control system and strengthen the trust of shareholders and investors so as to ensure a long-term business development of the Company.
StateOil strives to apply the highest standards of provision of information. It has developed a bilateral communication with shareholders and investors, to whom all necessary information about the Company’s business operations is fully available.
Our Commitment to SDGS/Corporate Social Responsibility.
StateOil recognizes that the oil and gas industry’s operations potentially have positive and negative impacts on a range of areas covered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including on communities, ecosystems and economies. StateOil is also cognizant of the most acute being the industry’s environmental footprint on biodiversity, and climate change and its associated impacts on communities. It on this backdrop that StateOil, have taken initiatives in the following areas:
Invest in local development. Direct local employment to provide meaningful indirect employment opportunities and economic growth by ensuring 100% integration of local communities into the supply chains. This is followed by investments in skills development, with attention paid to respecting human rights in communities and supporting poverty eradication through well-planned social investment activities.

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